Want to Host a Wild Hart Pop-Up?

Hosting A Wild Hart Pop Up Party

If you live in Orange County CA, send me a message and I can get you on my calendar! A pop-up shop is a fun home party where you to get to hang out with your friends and browse through awesome children’s clothing together! These are so much fun because there are no boring presentations and no pressure! I just set up the clothes and let you do your thing. It is all about having a fun girl’s night and showing your friends clothing that you love! I bring my huge inventory to you, and all you must do is clean your house and invite your friends! They get to take their new goodies home with them with no shipping and no wait! Just look at these incentives for you to host!

Just for hosting the party - $15.00 Wild Hart credit
For every 7 items sold - $10.00 Wild Hart credit (Max $75 Wild Hart credit)

On the day of the party, Wild Hart arrives at your home. We literally set up shop in your home. Racks and all. Wild Hart brings it all and you just provide some snacks or hors d'oeuvres. A little vino doesn't hurt! But, let’s be honest, we are all after the clothes now…aren’t we? 



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